First steps.

First word.

First day of school.

First day of work.

First business.

First client.

First workshop.

First speech.

And now, first blog post. I've blogged for clients (or bosses) for years but this is somehow very different. After all, its the first time "I've-written-a-business-blog-for-myself"

I recently had the chance to listen to Caroline Paul on The Tim Ferris Show for the second time and she certainly did not disappoint. The concept that struck the deepest chord in me was the idea that fear and excitement feel very similar.  Whoa.... Hard stop. 

 .... Hammer Time. 

.... Hammer Time. 

I was completely overwhelmed with questions! How many times had I confused excitement and fear? And how many time have I missed out on an opportunity because I was paralyzed by fear/excitement/nausea/panic? Who did I not meet? Where did I not go? 

Most importantly, who did I not yet become?

I avoided launching this blog because you don't get a second first time. After listening to Caroline, I realize that maybe it wasn't fear holding me back. Maybe I just wanted to prolong the exhilaration. (I like the sound of option B better, to be honest). 

Whatever the reason for my delay, thank you to Ruth Ann at Everything Unscripted for the push today. I couldn't bear to be kicked out of the blogging group (again) for being the blogger with no blog. 

First sign off.