I speak about community often. If you've attended any of my recent workshops, you'll know that I encourage attendees to replace the word "customer" with the word "community."


Community implies relationship

Customer implies transaction.

Community suggests long-term interaction.

Customer suggests immediacy.

Community is inclusive.

Customer is exclusive

Community is collaborative.

Customer is individual.

Communities make more impact than individuals. Communities create movement. Communities incite action. Communities change the world.

Given the current narrative of Atlantic Canada 🇨🇦  and our economic situation, we need a more dynamic community more than ever. Youth, newcomers, entrepreneurs and repatriated Atlantic Canadians need a place in this story for maximum impact when writing the next chapter.

I'm so proud to be hitting the stage at ACT One on Nov 2 with three of my friends who are Immigrant entrepreneurs who are going to share their truths. I have learned so much about the barriers and boundaries that stand between newcomers and our community, through their eyes. It's time for everyone to hear their stories.

If you're ready to rewrite the story of Atlantic Canada, if you're tired of the stereotypes, and if you know you can make a difference - this is the event for you.

Please join us! You can purchase your ticket here :)